You dream of having round buttocks but you can do squats all day long, you do not see progress? Well I share all my tips to boost your gluts training. The buttocks, we dream them all high and proud, they are clubbed with a series of squats and slots but, if like me you are a “hard-ass” is that you have trouble taking this part from the body. Squats and slots will certainly be useful but to get the booty of your dreams you will have to use some other essential tricks of bodybuilding that will have to implement as soon as possible.


The buttocks are among the most important muscle groups of the body. Composed of the gluteus maximums, the gluteus mediums and the gluteus maximus, this makes this muscular group a very powerful set of muscles aiming to stabilize the pelvis but also to allow rotations of your legs. And like all major muscle groups, they are often quite difficult to develop!


Let’s talk about exercises now. There are many exercises to strengthen and firm the buttocks. Some of them are known as the “white wolf”: I named the sacrosanct Squat and the immaculate cleft. Not to mention their many variations of course (hack squat, squat guided, front squat, squat sumo, side slits, jumped slots, crossed slots, etc. etc.)

These two exercises have the particularity (and interest) of being polyarticular. That is to say that in addition to working the glutes they involve a very large number of other complementary muscles such as thighs, abdominals, lumbar, etc. But this advantage also has a disadvantage. This is the principle of compensatory muscles. And often, if like me you are not satisfied with your glutes, it is probably because it is your thighs that take over the glutes when you do the exercise. So, inevitably, you do not take very quickly butt.

There are different reasons: old injury, poor daily posture, lack of flexibility … the body compensates and a muscle takes over. In our case, it will slow the development of our glutes and our dear squat is no longer our friend (at least for your glutes)


First observation the SQUAT is not necessarily the exercise that you need. Yes, I know, it shocks you Lol but in bodybuilding it is essential to feel the muscles that work. If, when you do a squat, you have no sensation in the buttocks and that everything is located on the thighs or if you never have a body aches while your thighs prevent you from walking, well … Find another exercise for which you will have more sensations! Of course, the sensations are not everything and other parameters are taken into account, but it is not because you see everything IG squat that it is necessarily the most suitable exercise for you! As for food, personalization is essential!

The voluntary contraction

There is also a known technique in bodybuilding to be sure to work the right muscle. This is called voluntary contraction. As the name suggests you will have to voluntarily contract the muscle that you are targeting. It is therefore very important to begin to take an interest in the anatomy of your body, to know which part to contract at the desired time. The voluntary contraction will help to really target the right area to work. You probably say, but of course my muscle is contracted because I’m doing the exercise. But just before starting your rehearsal, contract the buttocks and do your rehearsal, you will immediately feel the difference and boost your gluteal training.

Add glute isolation exercises

It might be very interesting to add so-called isolation exercises to your workout. We talk about isolation precisely because they will target only (or almost) a particular muscle. You will be sure that your glutes will actually work during this exercise. Be careful, do not just do isolation exercises! But place a few sets right after your squat or your slots. Insulation exercises for the glutes include, for example, donkey kicks, side kick, pelvis survey, etc. Nothing better to boost your glute training


If you have like me the lazy glutes and it let’s work the thighs, it will be necessary to activate it before doing a polyarticular exercise. Activation or pre-fatigue will ensure that he will be well with us and at his full potential during the session. To caricature, as he tends to rest on the thighs, we will start earlier! That way, it will reinforce his effort at the time of the polyarticular exercise.

The best way to activate your glutes is to use a resistance band. I propose you these 3 exercises, very simple to realize with a resistance elastic will be able to help you to pre tired your muscles while keeping enough energy to be able to do your session in full

  • Bridge
  • Kick Back
  • Side kick

Here you are, now you know the best tips for boosting your glutes training! Between the elastic and the exercises of use, you have the best advice to train your glutes. Try this to maximize your chances of having your dream booty !! Do not forget to read my tips for effective training to boost all your workouts! And if you also have tips to boost your glutes training