How To Start Affiliate Marketing ?

Having seen why this business keeps growing strong, you probably would like to know how to start yours.

Join an Affiliate Marketing Network: There are many affiliate marketing programs on the internet, some legit and others fraudulent. These networks are the intermediary between the vendors or companies that pay you commissions for referrals, and you the affiliate marketer. They ensure you get paid when you make a sale. They are basically an agent for which you refer people to, and they pay you for referrals.

An example would be sending a friend you have on Facebook to the link you would get from the company you choose to be an affiliate for, and when that friend signs up, you get paid.

Choose a niche: A lot of people failed at affiliate marketing because they wanted to be a Jack of all trades. In affiliate marketing, it is recommended that you pick a niche to dwell in i.e. health and fitness, e-commerce, education, technology, etc. There are many niches that will interest you. Choose one and know your onions- this will differentiate you from an average marketer in that chosen niche.

Build a Marketing Model: In truth, this is where the real work is done as this model helps define and strategize your marketing techniques. It will involve you having platforms like an email list, websites or blogs, and other tools that will propel your marketing campaign and eventually boost sales. If this model is properly created, there is a higher chance of you raking in sales. A very simple way to start your referral business, would be posting on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, getting people interested in the product your an affiliate for, sending them your link and getting sales that way.

Select a Product/Company: You have a model that you want to implement, then it’s time to select a product in your chosen niche which is in high demand and run it through your model. Do your research, pick a product(s) with higher market potential. After which, you can relax and watch the sales happen – easy money!

If you ever want to make money online and hopefully attain financial freedom, affiliate marketing is the first step to doing so. eCommerce happens to be an industry that is very popular right now and there is a company that is making a lot of people successful just with their referral program – and it pays 30% commissions!