gadgets to slide under the tree

1. For comfort

The Quebec company VolPrivé has designed accessories to transform its long hours by plane into a pleasant experience. Made from 100% merino wool by Quebec artisans, these items retain their shape, wick away moisture, filter odors and are machine washable. There is a choice of ergonomically shaped memory foam pillow for lumbar and cervical support; a mask filled with microbeads that protect and soothe the eyes; compression stockings; a soft and insulating blanket, Bon Voyage bags in canvas, in which to place all these objects. On leaving the plane, these bags cling to the hand luggage and during the stay, they can be used to protect the camera or cellular water or sand.

2. For the hiker

Carrying your camera around your neck is not always easy and can cause back pain in the long run. The ergonomic design of the new range of Cotton Carrier camera harnesses, with camera support, allows a balanced weight distribution in addition to protecting the camera. Available in three styles of different colors, they can fix one or two cameras, a variety of lenses, a pair of binoculars, cell phone, etc. If, when opening the box, one has the impression of a bulletproof vest, this accessory quickly becomes indispensable to the photographers.

3. For perfect luggage

Whether you’re planning your first trip or being a regular traveler, we all want the lightest luggage. Travelpro Maxlite 4 suitcases become the perfect gift. This large collection of lightweight, high-strength luggage includes 11 swivel cases with 360-degree movement. We particularly like the anti-mildew and anti-stain outer coating, the more stable bottom plate, the ergonomic handle with rubberized contact points and the large storage space. Available at La Baie.

4. For easy access

Specializing in travel accessories, Austin House has something to satisfy the needs of travelers who like a suitcase tidy. For these, the cubic pockets are a must. Made of soft and lightweight material, they can store his personal items. The business traveler can even use the bigger ones to organize his outfits of the different days. The mesh coating to see the content, at a glance is enough to find what you seek. Available at CAA and in travel stores.

5. To lose nothing

To avoid forgetting precious objects in the pockets of aircraft seats, we offer the Air pocket. This stylish handbag has six pockets in which you can store multiple items. Its wide band at the back allows to slide it then on the handle of the cabin luggage or in its handbag.