Fitness and diet on vacation, I give you all my tips and advice to find the method that suits you! It is July is finally here and you will soon go on vacation !! Whether you’ve worked hard all year or started not long ago trying to achieve your goal of getting the body of your dreams, one of the questions we’re asking ourselves is is how we will manage to reconcile holidays and diets. And yes you are in good momentum and you are afraid to take back all the pounds lost or you finally managed to hold more than 2 weeks your resolution to play sports and you say you do not go for several weeks risk of you motivate permanently.


Yes, for most of us, eating well, playing sports several times a week requires effort or sacrifice, but some are lucky that it is their “normal” and, even on vacation, no question of doing a Sports break or not to eat healthy. We do not change anything or almost any of his habits and we continue to progress on the path of his goals whether physical or sports. If you are not in this category, trying this bet is risky. Already because you may be surrounded by temptations because your holiday companions are not paying attention and intend to enjoy it. But beyond these temptations (because I have no doubt that if that’s what you really want, you’ll be able to), the real problem with this method is that it can frustrate you enormously and, if you fall apart, you will not want to be able to keep your goals and you will be able to crack again in the face of this negative image of yourself. And there, it will be even harder to get back to it …


This is the intermediate method, between intransigence and let go! Personally, it is now this method that I chose. Because I have found a certain balance and that it allows me to reconcile pleasure of the holidays without feeling bad or having the impression to have “all fout in the air”. So of course, your body will have taken a little fat back from the holidays but your body will have kept a healthy lifestyle and the return to normal will be done quickly simply by resuming your good habits full time.


Bet on salads and raw vegetables! In summer these products often have enough taste to be able to eat them with pleasure without the need to add a ton of sauce

Go make the market! On vacation, we have the time so much to enjoy discovering the good fresh produce of local producers.

Avoid dishes in sauce and opt for the barbecue (or even the plancha)

If you are on vacation at the sea, this is surely the best opportunity to buy fresh fish or shellfish! Watch the auction (the local fishermen’s market) and its schedule to go shopping! And do not hesitate to bring your children, it will be an opportunity to introduce them to the underwater world

For desserts, prefer fresh fruit rather than ice cream, pancakes and other waffles! Watermelon, melon, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, etc. the list is long so make yourself happy

If you do not have the time to prepare food, here are some examples of ready-made dishes that will help you limit the damage: grated carrots (less than 5% fat), taboulé (ditto), turkey ham, bresaola , grilled meat, canned sardine / mackerel / tuna (without oil), full bread, complete Mexican wrap, etc.


If you are addicted to the gym, choose a hotel with gym !! You are sure to be able to follow your program and continue to progress. Beware, however, of “fake sports halls”. But if, you know, the gym that has not been used for 5 years or just 2 halteres (of different weight of course) or a bike that does not even need resistance so it is old … so check the photos and reviews of other travelers

Prepare a program without equipment easy to do in the living room of your rental, on the beach or even by the pool. So of course, it will not be the perfect training but it will help your body keep up the pace, burn some calories of your meal pleasure from the night before. What matters is keeping the pace, not breaking all records.

Buy a jump rope! This is one of the smallest possible accessories in sport but one of the most useful and you can take it everywhere. No more excuses for not doing sports

Take group classes! Yes, I know, water aerobics in the pool with all the grannies of the holiday club, that’s not what will make you burn calories. But in fact, it is precisely the advantage (or the disadvantage in general …) is that everyone puts the energy he wants. So go ahead and give yourself thoroughly, you will have earned your cocktail or your little pleasure

And do not forget, during the holidays, there are plenty of opportunities for you to practice sports: beach walks, board sports, hiking, racket sports, family volleyball, swimming, etc. Feel free to share these activities with your children, your darling or your friends.