Fishermen, detect fish underwater with your phone!

Sometimes fish can hide and all those who have already caught it know it!

With this wireless detector, one benefits from a considerable advantage since it indicates the presence of fish to a depth of 135 feet.

When motion is detected underwater, iBobber routes information to the phone or tablet of the fisherman in which the compatible application is installed.

In addition, the app offers additional tools such as seabed mapping, water temperature, historical fishing trips and more.

Fishing Sonar

A floating sonar connected to a phone

The iBobber is a floating sonar that can detect fish up to 135 feet (41 meters) deep, indicating their size and depth.

iBobber fish finder

An orange mark indicates the presence of a fish less than 15 cm whereas a green mark means that a prey larger than 15 cm is hidden under water.

This information appears on the phone screen or iOS or Android tablet in real time via a Bluetooth connection with a range of 30 meters.

iBobber sonar screen

The application offers a thermometer function that uses GPS coordinates to display the expected temperature changes for the day, the risks of rain, the speed and origin of the wind and the atmospheric pressure.

A lunar calendar provides the time of sunrise and sunset to help predict when fish may bite more.

iBobber thermometer and mapping

The iBobber also allows you to create a map of the bottom of the body of water to illustrate depth variations and is equipped with a LED light controllable from the mobile device to locate the gadget in the dark or under the thunderstorm.

With the application, you can also keep a logbook of all fishing trips with the date, location, weather conditions, bait and lures used and catch caught!

A gadget for fishing enthusiasts who do not want to come back empty handed!