Best Outdoor Games

1. A frisbee

Frisbee is a must-have and timeless game. You can play anywhere, in your garden, at the beach or at the park, and most importantly, you can take it in any bag.

Fall for this cheap frisbee with bright colors and perfect balance. Indeed, from the height of its 175 g, it will offer you stability and dynamics.

It is ideal for playing outdoors with your friends on a sunny day. If you want to spend a quiet afternoon, you can also play with your dog who will surely appreciate that you release this disc.

2. Pétanque balls

Pétanque is a game well known in the south of France, so there is a world championship!

Composed of metal balls and a plastic jack, this petanque set will allow you to have a good time on the field.

You have no land nearby? Do not worry, you can always play bowls at the beach or in your garden. Have a good time with this set of 6 balls for really cheap.

3. A mölkky

Very popular in Finland, this bowling game that dates back to the dawn of time has reached us in France. Consisting of wooden sticks (bowling) of good quality, you can play this game anywhere since it is easily transportable.

The rules of the game are simple: just drop the numbered pins and get a total of 50 points to win the game.

Be careful: if you go over 50 points your total will go down to 25 points. The Mölkky is a strategy game, in addition to being a game of skill, which will allow you to spend good times with friends.

4. A kite


What’s more classic than a kite? Do you want to remember the beautiful memories of your childhood and share them with your children? This multicolored kite is for you!

Ideal for a picnic day in the park or at the edge of a lake, this kite will allow your children to control their coordination and their patience while having fun.

Made from lightweight but sturdy materials, this kite will give you the ability to mount it easily. Relive intense moments for less than 20 euros.

5. A mini-drone

Do you and your children have new technologies instead of the old school? Indulge yourself and buy this mini drone to put yourself in the shoes of a budding pilot.

You can fly this quadcopter absolutely anywhere, and can remotely control from your smartphone or with the included remote control.

This drone is equipped with a camera that will offer you a direct return to your phone and has a battery life of about 4 minutes for 1 hour charge. He can also take photos in addition to videos to immortalize your moments of fun.

6. A giant chessboard

Fans of strategy games looking for a great outdoor game will be thrilled to take away their giant chess. You can play lying on the grass or on the sand, for a real moment of relaxation.

This set consists of a large briefcase that serves as a tray and large pieces of solid wood cut by hand, with a non-slip felt bottom.

The size of the king is 11 cm and the size of the chessboard is about 51 x 52 cm. Do not hesitate to buy this game if you love chess for a party at a romantic picnic, for example.

7. Water bombs

Do you have to organize a birthday party or a barbecue? These water bombs will delight young and old, always ready to have fun. This set of 211 multicolored water bombs is ideal for cooling off on a hot summer day while having fun.

Easy to use, these bombs are attached to a device to form a bouquet.

This device connects directly to the faucet or the pipe of the garden to be able to fill several balloons with the faith. So just open the water valve, and you’ll end up with 37 water bombs in less than 15 seconds!

8. A badminton set

Looking for an outdoor game that suits both adults and children, and you like racket games? Badminton is for you! This set of 4 steel rackets, 3 wheels and the whole device to mount your own net will allow you to spend hours to have fun while playing sports.

To play with friends or family, badminton is loved by young and old alike.

Little extra: you can store everything in the provided carrying case, which has a handle for convenient and easy transportation.

9. A trampoline

Most people have a trampoline in their backyard. If this is not your case, do not hesitate! The trampoline Alice’s Garden is over 3 meters in diameter and can support a weight of 150 kg.

So you can ride several on and have fun with your children.

This trampoline is very robust and will withstand any inclement weather. A tarpaulin is also provided for winter days. Comes in kit, this trampoline will be very easy to assemble, to move and to transport thanks to the retractable feet. A safety net is also included for your safety and that of your children.

10. A volley ball

Volleyball fans and outdoor sports enthusiasts will appreciate this high quality ball.

For less than 15 euros, you can choose the ball of the color you want, and so you have fun for hours at the beach or at the park.

Light, supple and robust, it’s the perfect ball to practice volleyball like pros on the warm sand.