Ball games Aquatic Basketball and Volleyball

It is enough to constitute two teams, and the number of players can vary. It will be necessary to have, before starting the game, the adequate balls as well as baskets of inflatable sneakers (in the case of basketball) and nets of volleyball for swimming pool or inflatable (according to whether the players are big or smaller). You can make your own nets by braiding plants!

Water polo

Aquatic sport par excellence! both exciting and technical, this sport is quite recommended from an early age. It will also require two teams, and a ball, to which must be added 2 inflatable water polo cages, which is easily found. Do not forget the rules to animate the game correctly: we must not have foot or take any support in the pool to play without fail! The goal is easy to explain to children: you have to score goals in the opponent’s’ cages, as in football.

The prisoner ball

Always with two camps to build, which will be at each end the pool. Nothing like animating a group of children. From 4, to do with a ball. You have to touch the children of the opposing team with the ball. Once hit the player is taken prisoner, and the prison can be in the pool or outside. The team that captures all the players of the opposing team wins!

The circle

Children must have foot. This game is played from 6 participants. Just have a balloon. In a circle, the children send the ball, and only one is placed in the center of the circle. This one has to catch the ball. If he succeeds, whoever throws the ball last will go to the center, and so on. Ideal to animate the group!

The piranha

Children are in the pool, with water at the pelvis (easy level) or shoulders (bigger difficulty). They will form a circle holding hands. A piranha, represented in the form of a balloon, is placed in the middle of the circle. The objective is not to be touched by the floating piranha. When a child is touched he is eliminated from the game. More children leave the circle, the more difficult the game is because the circle becomes smaller and smaller. You can blow on the ball to make it move, or else shoot the others to the ball.

The ball race

With two children we can already animate this game. It is necessary to delimit a zone of the swimming pool and then to place a ball or a ball of ping-pong on the starting line. Children must advance the ball without touching it! For example, making waves, blowing on them, etc.

Whoever touches the ball must return to the start.

Swimming games

Aqua Courses

Entertainment guaranteed! These are traditional timed races. But for the amusement of the kids, it’s always better to add an extra challenge (which if not accomplished announces the participant’s defeat). It can be races where:

  • children have to sing a song
  • children have to swim without using their legs
  • children have to swim with a board, etc.

The aquatic relays

A minimum of four children is required for this game. Also, no accessories are needed. Simply split the group into two teams, and give orders to cross. From the moment a teammate has finished swimming and completed the relay (kicking the next hand, kicking the wall, putting a ball in a basket, etc.) the next player has to leave, and so on. The first group of children finishing the relay wins.


Ideal to animate a group, but without the competition aspect, which makes it a less formal game. Each participant has to wedge a piece of fabric on the back of his swimsuit, by making him overtake. The objective of the game is to keep the end of the fabric intact and steal the one of the others. Once you lose your piece of cloth you have to get out of the pool. A game to make at least 5.

The movers

Before the game, it is necessary to deposit at the bottom of the swimming pool weighted objects. Then two teams are formed. Players must pick up the items and place them in their moving truck (a place by the pool). The team with the most filled truck wins!